300 W Solar power installation in the unnelectrified village Adaklu Gaakukorpe

Today the Lady Volta Green Tech Academy installed a 300W solar system in Adaklu Gaakukorpe, an unelectrified village in Eastern Ghana.

We and the users of the solar system are happy that it worked out well! The system has a 220Ah battery and supplies 220V to smaller electrical consumers like lights, radios, USB chargers, TVs, sewing machines, etc.
Our students did the house-wiring free of charge, including power sockets and LED lights in both rooms of the house.

On the pictures you can see the group of 7 students (3 ladies and 4 gentlemen) participating in the installation, as well as our instructors Julien and Stephen, and the school manager Senyo. Julien is a French volunteer who also designed the solar system. He builds the solar systems together with the students at the Lady Volta Green Tech Academy.

Guess what the villagers did first! They charged their cellphones.
Help us to Charge-up Ghana!

Trotro with the solar panels on topIMG_3524Solar panelsPower socketLight onIMG_3510